About FitPodNYC

FitPodNYC sessions deliver results, in a manner that is funsupportive, and wholly targeted towards new parents. The family intentional training concept was born out of my own experience. I went into pregnancy overweight, developed gestational diabetes, and then found it incredibly hard to find a place to work on my weight and health while trying to juggle a new baby, work, sitters, and everything else that comes with young children.

Not proud, but this was me before.
And this is me after finding fitness and becoming a trainer!

FitPodNYC was created to fit two of the greatest needs of new parents: time and health.  As a new mom in the city, I quickly learned how awful the trade off between going to the gym versus spending time with my new baby felt. I’ve been working on FitPod with individual clients for over 5 years, and I’m delighted to have the opportunity to expand this family!

I want to cultivate a setting where babies are welcome and young children are encouraged to be exercise-aware by watching and even participating themselves alongside parents.

I hope to see you soon!