Why start FitPodNYC sessions?

FitPodNYC sessions deliver results, in a manner that is fun, supportive, and wholly focused on new parents. I work to create bonding spaces for families, memories and healthy habits for children, and accessible modes of functional fitness.

Babysitters cost $16-20 on average in New York City, with FitPod you can bring your baby along!
Parents of all levels, with all bodies benefit from the FitPod approach – our classes are designed to strengthen the muscles used the most frequently in caring for young children.

Our parents see results and get valuable bonding time with their little ones!

What people are saying about working with Lindsey:

“Lindsey was/is an excellent and knowledgeable coach, which is (to me) the most important thing. What’s more is that she is incredibly supportive and just an overall nice, fun(!) person. Thanks to both the small class size and her deep understanding of technique, she really took her time with each of us. The workouts were at an appropriate level, and Lindsey was great at walking us through the workouts and our scaling options.” – Amanda

“I am amazed at how far I’ve come in that short amount of time.  I didn’t want to care about a specific goal weight; I just wanted to be stronger. Thanks to the amazing coach Lindsey, I have learned to push out of my comfort zone (in correct form, of course) and I am so excited to continue on this journey.  I am looking forward to getting even stronger and continually pushing to be a better version of myself.”  – Anjelica

“If you have any insecurities surrounding lifting weights, you need Lindsey in your life.
She’s an incredible, supportive coach.  At no point did I feel intimidated or afraid of injury” – Ailene.